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Samantha Christensen - ENC Content Editor and Content Designer

Samantha Christensen

Content Editor/Content Designer

Samantha joined E-N Computers in September 2022 as our Content Editor and Content Designer. She edits our blog posts, writes our LinkedIn posts and is currently revamping our website to be more useful to current and future clients.

Samantha has worked as an award-winning newspaper reporter and a public affairs writer but has spent most of her years in IT as a desktop and server support technician and technical trainer. She is currently completing a specialization in User Experience Design with Google, which is helping her to combine writing with visual and web design as a content designer.

“I appreciate content that is specific, clear and helpful to readers,” she said. “We want potential clients to be able to make informed decisions about their IT services, and we want current clients to understand what they are getting.”

Samantha was born and raised in Ohio, spent nearly 30 years in Brooklyn and now lives in upstate New York with her husband.

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