Is Your Managed IT Provider Saving Your Online Bacon?

Written by Ian MacRae

Today, many companies know that their websites are critical to their business. Many organizations spend a lot of time and effort making sure that their website not only looks good, but is highly functional. Talent and technology is procured to insure the site works on mobile devices and shows up on a Google search.

E-N Computers Now Monitoring Your Website’s Responsiveness

As your managed IT service provider, we feel it’s our job to identify problems quickly and proactively. Many of our clients are moving more of their business online and integrated their .com domain names deeply into their businesses. For years we’ve had email tied to our website’s identity; now, many organizations are looking to bring some part of their business online with ecommerce, or portals to have their customer access service representatives or schedule appointments.

Introducing Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a freeware and premium-based software developed by Marcin Kleczynski in 2004, is a premiere anti-malware (and anti-other-nasty-stuff) solution that has tirelessly worked alongside conventional anti-viral solution for both home and corporate users worldwide.

Such A Little Thing

As a result of the troubling news of excessive force, I've read that some police departments are now using body cameras to document encounters with the public.  Now, I don't know about you, but when I heard the term "body camera", I envisioned something rather bulky that would be immediately obvious to anyone at a casual glance.

CFO to CEO Transition: IT Savvy is Key, Say Recruiters

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Chief Financial Officers are "known in organizations as Dr. No," says Gary D. Burnison, CEO of executive recruiter Korn Ferry, which has helped fill thousands of vacancies for top corporate executives. And many successful candidates for those spots came from the ranks of CFOs.

But not every CFO is ready for a promotion to chief executive, says Burnison, because some of the qualities that made him or her an effective financial manager -- especially a hard-nosed focus on controlling costs -- may not work well when managing a whole organization.

Spreading Your Message Through Emails

1) Mass E-Mailing can lead to Blacklisting and no e-mails:

Many businesses need to send out mass emails. However, if you aren’t careful, doing so could cause your business to get blacklisted, which would mean that your message wouldn't get through to your potential customers.

Windows 10 Is Coming!

If you are part of the over 90% of individuals and businesses who use a Windows operating system, then this news is for you. On July 29th, less than two months from now, Microsoft will release Windows 10!

Now, before you start to worry about how you are going to pay for an expensive software upgrade, I'm pleased to say that if you are already running either Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10 won’t cost you a dime.

Giving to Charity

Giving to Virginia based non-profits who enhance our communities is one of our core values at E-N Computers. As we mailed in the check for taxes, we did a quick calculation, and discovered that we’ve given a little over 10% of our 2014 profits to charity.


We are currently rolling out a replacement to our existing RMM.   For those unfamiliar with IT speak, RMM is short for off site monitoring and management. This software monitors the computers on your network for problems so that we can help you as efficiently as possible.