Should I Set Up My Own PKI?

This month, we’ve been talking about digital certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI). So far we’ve covered the basics of how certs work, and how to install publicly trusted certs for Exchange and IIS. This week, we’re going to tackle what’s involved in setting up your own PKI using Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

As the name suggests, AD CS is highly dependent on Active Directory.

How to Install an SSL Certificate in IIS

Once you have a security certificate configured for Exchange, it’s time to start looking at other places where you need to install a cert. Internet Information Services (IIS) is used by many businesses to host Intranet apps and external web pages. This guide will show you how to request and install a certificate in IIS versions 7 through 10, for Windows Server 2008 to 2016.
Create a Certificate Request
First, you’ll need to create the Certificate Signing Request.

Fiction Friday: Ender’s Game

Happy Friday, fiction lovers! This week, E-N Computers chose "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, originally published in 1985. The book has made a comeback in the last five years, however, with director Gavin Hood's film adaptation.

The book is set in an unspecified point in the future.

Tech Tuesday: How To Configure an SSL Certificate for Outlook Web Access

As we discussed in our previous article, properly configured security certificates are the key to secure communication over the Internet. And nowhere is security more important than your email system. If you host your own Exchange server, and you allow access to it over the Internet through OWA or EAS, it’s important that you configure a secure, trusted certificate to protect the information that your users transmit to it.

Fiction Friday: Sleeping Giants

Good morning, fiction lovers! This week, E-N Computers is recommending a book that includes an allusion to The Iron Giant. What could be cooler than that? Sylvain Neuvel graces the world with his debut novel "Sleeping Giants". NPR calls the book, "...a thriller through and through, and.

How Do Digital Certificates Work?

As a system administrator, one of your main priorities should be keeping your company’s data secure. But, that data doesn’t just stay in one place. It’s always on the move -- whether someone is checking their email, accessing a document on their phone, or connecting in with a VPN, data is constantly flowing in and out of your network.

Fiction Friday: The Calculating Stars: A Lady Astronaut

Happy Friday, book-lovers! It's been an exciting week for E-N Computers. Yesterday, we held our third in a series of educational cybersecurity conferences in Staunton at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. We had an amazing turnout, with several speakers who are either currently or have had successful careers as law enforcement officers throughout out the state of Virginia.

How to Enable Retention Policies in Exchange Server

For the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at how to create data retention policies for various services where old data may accumulate. This week, we’ll cover creating retention policies for on-premises Exchange mailboxes. The concepts are similar to Exchange Online, but the process to create retention policies is just a bit different for self-managed Exchange servers.

Fiction Friday: Artemis

Happy Friday, readers! You know what time it is. It's fiction time! This week, we're recommending "Artemis", written by Andy Weir. Weir is the author of "The Martian", whose film adaptation with Matt Damon was wildly popular. As well, he wrote "Cheshire Crossing", a book that chronicles the events of Dorothy, Wendy, and Alice, after their respective trips to Oz, Neverland, and Wonderland.

How to Enable Retention Policies in SharePoint Online

While SharePoint is a much more organized document management system than a regular file server, it can still become cluttered with old documents. And, as we discussed previously, old documents can cause storage, security, and liability issues. So, this week, we’ll show you how to create a retention policy in Office 365 for SharePoint Online.