CFO to CEO Transition: IT Savvy is Key, Say Recruiters

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Chief Financial Officers are "known in organizations as Dr. No," says Gary D. Burnison, CEO of executive recruiter Korn Ferry, which has helped fill thousands of vacancies for top corporate executives. And many successful candidates for those spots came from the ranks of CFOs.

But not every CFO is ready for a promotion to chief executive, says Burnison, because some of the qualities that made him or her an effective financial manager -- especially a hard-nosed focus on controlling costs -- may not work well when managing a whole organization.

Spreading Your Message Through Emails

1) Mass E-Mailing can lead to Blacklisting and no e-mails:

Many businesses need to send out mass emails. However, if you aren’t careful, doing so could cause your business to get blacklisted, which would mean that your message wouldn't get through to your potential customers.

Windows 10 Is Coming!

If you are part of the over 90% of individuals and businesses who use a Windows operating system, then this news is for you. On July 29th, less than two months from now, Microsoft will release Windows 10!

Now, before you start to worry about how you are going to pay for an expensive software upgrade, I'm pleased to say that if you are already running either Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10 won’t cost you a dime.

Giving to Charity

Giving to Virginia based non-profits who enhance our communities is one of our core values at E-N Computers. As we mailed in the check for taxes, we did a quick calculation, and discovered that we’ve given a little over 10% of our 2014 profits to charity.


We are currently rolling out a replacement to our existing RMM.   For those unfamiliar with IT speak, RMM is short for off site monitoring and management. This software monitors the computers on your network for problems so that we can help you as efficiently as possible.

Client Spotlight: Welligent

Welligent is an application service provider for educational needs as well as both public and private healthcare.  Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with additional data centers in Atlanta, and Phoenix, they serve a variety of clients across the nation.

Don’t Let Your Technology Derail You!

Recently, with the crash of Amtrak 188, the news has been highlighting how this accidental derailment could have been avoided. The conductor may not have been properly minding his job. Safety system upgrades were delayed, likely due to cost. As a result, a profitable moneymaking route from Washington, D.C. to New York City has been jeopardized while other, less proven, or money-losing routes in the rural west stay open and compete for limited dollars which, in retrospect, could have been better spent to upgrade a profitable and heavily used service.

Manufacturer Opens Internet Bottleneck by Dumping DSL

With help from E-N Computers, Precision Fabricators, Inc. in Stuarts Draft, Virginia is transferring their internet service from DSL to Comcast's Business Class.

15X Faster Internet
The benefit of the new communications infrastructure being installed by Comcast is Internet speeds at least 15 times faster than what PFI's old DSL was able to do.

Is Your Business Ready for a PBX?

Having a properly configured phone network can be a tremendous asset to your business. A private branch extension or PBX is a system of answering, routing, and responding to phone calls. Before this system was available, businesses would often employ one or more secretaries to handle and transfer incoming calls.