Tech Thursday: How Do Digital Certificates Work?

As a system administrator, one of your main priorities should be keeping your company’s data secure. But, that data doesn’t just stay in one place. It’s always on the move -- whether someone is checking their email, accessing a document on their phone, or connecting in with a VPN, data is constantly flowing in and out of your network.

Fiction Friday: The Calculating Stars: A Lady Astronaut

Happy Friday, book-lovers! It's been an exciting week for E-N Computers. Yesterday, we held our third in a series of educational cybersecurity conferences in Staunton at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. We had an amazing turnout, with several speakers who are either currently or have had successful careers as law enforcement officers throughout out the state of Virginia.

Tech Thursday: How to Enable Retention Policies in Exchange Server

For the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at how to create data retention policies for various services where old data may accumulate. This week, we’ll cover creating retention policies for on-premises Exchange mailboxes. The concepts are similar to Exchange Online, but the process to create retention policies is just a bit different for self-managed Exchange servers.

Fiction Friday: Artemis

Happy Friday, readers! You know what time it is. It's fiction time! This week, we're recommending "Artemis", written by Andy Weir. Weir is the author of "The Martian", whose film adaptation with Matt Damon was wildly popular. As well, he wrote "Cheshire Crossing", a book that chronicles the events of Dorothy, Wendy, and Alice, after their respective trips to Oz, Neverland, and Wonderland.

Fiction Friday: “Ready Player One”

Good morning, beloved patrons of E-N Computers! First let me start by introducing myself: my name is Amelia Herring, the new Marketing Specialist here at the company. As a creative, it is my job to devise interesting content for you to read that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with IT. Hense, Fiction Friday has come about.

Tech Thursday: What is a Data Retention Policy?

How many messages are in your inbox? Even those of us who subscribe to Inbox Zero may have thousands of messages squirreled away in subfolders or archived mailboxes.

Now multiply that number across all of the users in your company -- and add in your file server, your SharePoint sites, and other places where documents accumulate.

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Tech Thursday: How To Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Previously, we’ve talked about creating a backup plan and choosing backup solutions that will protect your vital data. Once those two pieces are in place, the final step is to create a disaster recovery plan -- a document that outlines how to use those backups to get your company up and running again after a major outage.