Tech Thursday: What is a Data Retention Policy?

How many messages are in your inbox? Even those of us who subscribe to Inbox Zero may have thousands of messages squirreled away in subfolders or archived mailboxes.

Now multiply that number across all of the users in your company -- and add in your file server, your SharePoint sites, and other places where documents accumulate.

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Tech Thursday: How To Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Previously, we’ve talked about creating a backup plan and choosing backup solutions that will protect your vital data. Once those two pieces are in place, the final step is to create a disaster recovery plan -- a document that outlines how to use those backups to get your company up and running again after a major outage.

Getting to Know Us: Meet Amelia Herring, New Marketing Specialist

  A recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, Amelia is our newest team member here at E-N Computers. She earned a dual degree in Communication Arts and Creative Advertising, where she learned the ins and outs of marketing strategy. Her creativity has brought a new energy to the office as E-N begins plans to expand throughout the state of Virginia.

Tech Thursday: Choose a Backup Solution That Meets Your Needs

Last week, we talked about how to develop a backup plan that will protect your data in the event of a major problem -- a hardware failure, malware infection, natural disaster, or something else.

This week, we’ll look at different kinds of backup solutions, and how to choose the ones that make the most sense for your needs and budget.

Tech Thursday: How To Develop a Backup Plan

Threats to your company’s data are very real, and are increasing at an alarming pace. Whether it’s a hacker, malware, or a physical disaster like fire or flood, as a system administrator, you need to be sure that your data is protected and that it can be recovered quickly and easily in the event of a disaster.

CyberSecurity for CXOs Event ROCKED!

Last week’s CyberSecurity for CXO’s Conference was a great success. It was held at the Hotel Madison in Harrisonburg, Va., on Feb. 7, 2019. We had a jammed-packed afternoon with informative presentations, great food, and fabulous networking. If you’re interested, we’re having another one, with our partner SVOE, on March 7 in Charlottesville.

Tech Thursday: How To Enable DKIM Signing in Office 365

Last week, we covered how to enable SPF records to prevent spammers from spoofing your domain. DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, provides another layer of protection against spammers by signing all outgoing messages with a private key. Receiving mail servers can then verify that signature to know that the message came from your organization.